City of Mason Space Needs Analysis

City of Mason Space Needs Analysis

Mason, OH

The City of Mason, located approximately 25 miles north of Cincinnati, hired MS to conduct a Space Needs Analysis in order to respond to rapid growth trends in the City. This report assisted the City in making informed decisions regarding current needs and future requirements for the next 10-15 years for all City departments and facilities.

During the Space Needs Analysis process, MSA made projections based on the direct correlation between statistical growth trends in the City, departmental functions and their roles in the community, and the sizes required for each department to function efficiently. The City of Mason was experiencing tremendous growth and MSA’€™s projections indicated that Mason would double in size by the year 2020. As a result, staff in all city departments will need to increase in order to meet the growing demands of population and increased public service needs.

MSA gathered information via workshops with representatives of every city department, and questionnaires to determine existing facility inventories. The information was organized in the form of lists of spaces, relationship diagrams, room diagrams and parking needs analysis forms.

The study was delivered to the city in an organized booklet from containing in-depth existing facility analyses, 2 schematic building diagram options, and cost data to support the findings in a single new facility. Ideas for potential total project costs reductions were included with the final budget information.

The City of Mason was well prepared to move onto the next step of actual design and construction of a new facility. The space needs analysis would serve as an active tool throughout the process.