Deerfield Township Public Safety

Deerfield, OH

Deerfield Township selected MSA to complete a project master plan and schematic design for a new public services/public safety campus. The campus includes facilities for the township’€™s public works, vehicle maintenance, parks and fire services. The township is reviewing available project deliver methods to move forward with the project within recent construction reform legislation in the state of Ohio.

The initial phase of the project began with review of the existing facilities and site to develop a program that would accommodate current and anticipated needs. This process included the development of an overall plan for public works and fire headquarters operations, site planning options for overall building and site organization, and layout of general building sizes, parking requirements, and site access and traffic flow. These options were developed with initial cost ranges and pros & cons analyses.

The second phase of the project is based upon the selected site development master plan and includes thorough site surveying and analysis; refining the overall site plan including access, parking and circulation; development of a final program for each building; preparation of conceptual floor plans and design concept/style for each building; review of construction phasing; and refinement of conceptual project budgets.

The township is evaluating project funding alternatives and trustee approvals to finalize the building projects in order to move the effort forward into final design and construction.