Master Planning, Community Recreation

City of Oakwood Athletics & Recreation Master Plan

Oakwood, Ohio

This project is a comprehensive look at the City of Oakwood’s current facilities and assets as well as the possibilities for expansion and further development in key areas. Four primary sites, the Oakwood Community Center, Old River Field, Irving Field and Creager Field, were selected by the
city as desired locations for exploration.

The intent of the master plan is to uphold the defining characteristics and vision statement of the city while providing them with a series of guidelines that will not only help to define the athletic and recreation component but all future development.

In an effort to obtain the most comprehensive data, the Athletic & Recreation Master Plan development and documentation process was unique in that it allowed for ideas and input from numerous different groups of people through several different avenues.

Among these groups were all current residents, Oakwood City Schools and a selected Steering Committee Team. The data was obtained using several different methods including a market analysis of the city, mailer surveys, telephone surveys, open-forum meetings and a series of one-on-one interviews.

Through a series of recommendations, renderings and site plans, the final Master Plan addresses the project goals and presents a creative and comprehensive solution to the athletic and recreation needs of the City of Oakwood.