The current rise in popularity of craft beer suggests that there is a market for all that craft beer. It doesn’t mean that we never have that light beer again. We just want choices. Something different. Beer is essentially made using water, hops, malts and other added ingredients. How the hops are left to ferment, when malts are added, or the uniqueness of an added ingredient doesn’t exponentially raise the cost of the beer, it just makes it different. For different tastes at different times. A summer ale. A coffee stout.

Likewise, the associated rise in creating the ultimate craft cocktail assumes that while we may still enjoy a Manhattan, we wouldn’t mind creating a version that is a bit different, or even trying something new.

We can still use similar ingredients without significantly raising the cost, (though some of that special distilled spirits can be a big cost). So assuming we stayed with the “regular” bourbon, and created the “Philosopher” or the “Fountain of Youth”, the taste changes, but the costs are in the ballpark of expectations.

So, in the world of architecture, can we create new and unique places that people want to go to, using the basics, but arranging them in a different way or pattern, and essentially create innovation? Create places that inspire us. Places that move us to an emotional response.

Not all of our buildings need to be that “craft” place. But some of our architecture should be, needs to be that unique solution that provides a different solution. For a different taste. For a different day.

Some days we just need some “Craft” Architecture.