In August of 1957, the Ford Motor Company introduced the Edsel. Touted as the best car ever made and Ford was certain that everyone wanted an Edsel. It flopped miserably. The word Edsel became synonymous with the idea of a product or a design that was, while predicted by the creator to be wildly successful, would be, and is, far from the success that was expected.

The concept that someone has an idea that they are certain will be loved by all, but in reality was never a response to the needs and wants of the consumer, is destined to fail. Many architectural projects are just that. Designs waiting in the “garages” of design studios that fail to consider the real needs, opportunities and ideas that will result in unique and special places.

By listening and responding in thoughtful and creative fashion, architects can achieve new and innovative solutions, not just the ones that are still sitting on the cutting room floor.

Listen Carefully. Be Creative.

Consider the actual needs of every project on their own merits and limitations. Never assume that you have the answer before you know the question.

Innovation comes from solving problems with all the tools that are available. Innovation follows innovation. Good design comes from creatively solving problems that meet the real and actual needs of the client and user.

Architects have to retire all of their “Edsels” and move on.