We have a philosophy at MSA. It’s really simple. E V O L V E

Our new brand and logo reinforce that idea. Over the years we have committed ourselves to never be satisfied with what we are doing, or how we are doing things. We have a culture that is committed to learning. We have worked hard to become the industry leaders in key market areas. We have always focused on true collaboration with each other in our studio, but more importantly with our clients.

We are highly attuned to the opportunities that make each project unique, special, and client focused. Our new brand reinforces our firm’s founding focus on design, creativity, and innovation. Our mark emphasizes the straight forward simplicity in our process and the dynamic resolution of each and every project.

Our goals never waver. Our clients expect us to bring our ‘A’ game every day. We expect the same from ourselves and each other. We stay committed to our base, but continue to evolve.

We Design. We Create. We Innovate. We Are

MSA Design Logo