Fairfield Municipal Building

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MSA was retained by the City of Fairfield to conduct a space needs analysis of all city departments within the existing municipal building for recommendations to upgrade the facility.

The building has had only several minor additions and renovations since it’s construction in the 1950’s.

The goals of the study were to reveal needed upgrades so that all employees could work in an environment conducive to contemporary work processes and to provide a more customer friendly environment promoting economic and industrial development within the City of Fairfield.

MSA Architects conducted interviews with all key departmental personnel including those from City Council, City Administration, Tax and Finance, Economic Development, Building Services and Utilities. The study suggested that the City Council Chambers be completely renovated incorporating the latest in technical integration and audio/visual upgrades. The Economic Development and Building Services departments were also renovated because of their contact with property developers and building owners. As part of the total interior renovation, all other departments will be redesigned to provide new work stations.

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