Abigail Street

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Bringing a new meaning of sophistication to Cincinnati’s urban environment, Abigail Street bestows gourmet food with a whimsical flair upon its guests.

Nestled in a row of historic buildings, the eatery stays true to Over-the-Rhine’s architectural character with its ornate iron and distressed wood framed storefront, while providing a modernized interior that opens out onto Vine Street to engage urban life.

Painted brick contrasts subtly with glossy subway tiles, giving this cozy space an urban, industrial chic atmosphere. Many of the materials are repurposed, such as white aluminum ceiling tiles used on the bar front and kitchen window wall, or found locally, like the oiled butcher-block bar top. The space finds ornamentation in its structure and honest, simple materials such as bulbous glass lighting and ornate metal shelf supports that strike a delicate balance between turn-of-the-century and contemporary cool.

Abigail Street seats approximately 50 guests, including the bar. The deliberate minimalist design approach maximizes an otherwise small space, allowing the focus to be on the people and the food, rather than the space itself.

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