Ample 11701 00 N13 - Project Description

Ample, a digital marketing and product development firm needed to complete their creative loft in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati.

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A Mix of Modern and Midwest Blue-Collar

Ample is the epitome of a modern agency. To them, staying small means staying nimble and agile. Choosing the right clients help them grow their design goals while keeping the number of bodies within the physical office at a steady number. Essentially a blank slate, Ample’s space needed to be a sleek mix of modern design and Midwest blue-collar work ethic. A 10-foot, 400-pound slab of redwood for the in-house bar began the rich, warm design aesthetic and the reclaimed wood palates created a peek-a-boo visual barrier in the open-office layout. Canary yellow storage cubes, exposed HVAC and streamlined light fixtures balance out the folksy feel of the wood, leaving the viewer comfortable and at ease while being confident in Ample’s abilities and expertise to be cutting-edge.

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