Anderson Hills Church

Anderson Hills Church - Project Description

One of the largest Methodist Churches in the Cincinnati Region, Anderson Hills United Methodist Church supports four worship services on Sunday mornings including two contemporary and two traditional services in separate spaces within the facility.

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Masterplan in Motion

During the changeovers before and after services, the existing network of corridors and existing welcome center became overly crowded and difficult to navigate, creating an unpleasant and confusing atmosphere for visitors and prospective new members. The Church through masterplanning has identified a need for space to create connections between spaces and between people, and relieve the congestion and confusion. MSA worked with the Church to develop a solution that creates a Center in the heart of the facility as a crossroads to allow people to connect to people and places within the facility. The project consists of relocating two classrooms into a new addition, then expanding and creating the Welcome Center to provide a variety of places to meet, sign up for opportunities, connect and get involved in the activities and functions of the Church. The extension of the Center toward the parking creates an easily identifiable “Front Door” for the facility to welcome guests and members into the “Living Room” of the facility.

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