Central Parkway Campus

Paycor - Project Description

As a satellite campus, Central Parkway’s facilities had a disconnect to the overall company culture and brand experience. To provide a connection back to headquarters, MSA proposed the creation of ‘neighborhoods’ within building. These neighborhoods were assigned specific spatial concepts that would mold the aesthetic and function of that area.

lobby entrance

A Rapid Expansion

In 2019, Paycor reached out to MSA as they were rapidly expanding their Central Parkway Campus. The desired improvements to Building 1 of their Central Parkway Campus location was to create a ‘community feel’ for their employees. Paycor expanded their footprint on the first floor of the building for amenity spaces including a fitness center, two large meeting rooms, a multipurpose dining area with an IT helpdesk, and a taproom/breakout meeting space.

paycor dining area
dining close up

The 3rd Space, The Hive, & The Retreat

Within the first floor there are three large amenity spaces including: The 3rd space, The Hive, and the Retreat. The largest of these spaces is ‘The 3rd space’. This space includes neighborhoods such as:

  • ‘The Commons- a place to gather’. Qualities: highly flexible furnishings, a variety of seating, and built in AV. This area could function daily for lunch/dining but also for large events and companywide celebrations.
  • ‘The Taproom – a place to socialize’. Qualities: of this area included hospitality quality furnishings, a bar, lower ceiling space for more defined special quality, etc.
  • ‘The Coffeehouse – a place to recharge’. Qualities: more intimate in space, amenities to draw usage throughout the day: Smoothies, juice bar, coffee, grab & go, etc., adjacent to main lobby for cross traffic. Across the lobby from the 3rd Space is an area named designated for meetings, nicknamed The Hive. ‘The Hive is a pace to gather/meet’. Qualities: Functional furnishings for various types of meetings, flexibility of space to transform to meet user’s needs, variety in sizing of spaces with communication tools and av.

In addition to providing paces to gather, it was also essential to create a fitness area to foster health/wellness. ‘The Retreat is a place to restore’, Qualities: provides relief/restoration within daily routine, environment promotes wellness in many forms.


Retention & Relaxation

Upgrading the Central Parkway Campus improved not only their employee recruitment process, but also employee retention. The new amenity spaces provide opportunity for staff to mingle, unwind, and have impromptu meetings that together foster a better sense of community within the workplace. Formal all staff and large group meetings, as well as informal celebrations, are now available to host onsite internally and with clientele.

Paycor Process Sketch
conference room
meeting room