Centre College

Initiative for Wellness and Athletic Excellence
Project Description

MSA Sport collaborated with Centre College to create The Initiative for Wellness and Athletic Excellence that has set a new bar among peer and aspirant institutions across the country.

State of the Art Facility

Encompassing a state-of-the-art strength and performance center, a 200-meter indoor track with a turf infield, a 50-meter aquatics center, locker rooms, multi-purpose event spaces, as well as the relocation and revitalization of current facilities, the project transforms health and wellness opportunities, varsity athletic training and competition, student recruitment, and community connection.

Interior Lobby - 01
Interior Lobby - 02
Interior 03

Sustainable Growth

The initiative creates exceptional wellness, training, competition, and event space for the current Centre community and enable sustainable growth of the student, faculty, and staff populations far into the College’s future.

New Additions

New spaces for wellness and athletic excellence include:

  • An aquatic center housing a 50-meter pool with an integrated diving well and moveable bulkhead.
  • An indoor track and turf infield that allow for year-round training at the varsity and recreational levels, enable additional roster growth for the track and field teams, and provide new space for hosting peer institutions and prospective students and their families for both regional and national-level athletic competitions.
  • A 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art strength and performance center that enhance the training experience for scholar-athletes, alleviating pressure on the Buck Fitness Center to adequately serve all members of the College’s growing campus population.
  • A nutrition center for scholar-athletes and space for educational components and resources for the campus community that reflect the College’s commitment to providing for the holistic development of the student body.
  • Office space that assist in growing and retaining talented coaching staff, provide space for the individualized mentorship of scholar-athletes, and create new positions to facilitate growth in the campus and community.
  • Locker rooms that create “homes” for varsity teams to bond and prepare both athletically and academically.
  • An enhanced Hall of Fame that reflects the prestige of the Centre College Athletics tradition of excellence.
  • Multi-purpose spaces that allow for potential expansion into community wellness programming like yoga or pilates, as well as student programming like e-sports.
Fuel Station
Field House Commencement
Natatorium Pool
Ferris Stadium
Ferris Stadium 02
Ferris Stadium 03
Ferris Stadium 04
Ferris Close up
Fishman Conf Room
Baseball Lockers
Baseball Locker Room - overall
Ferris Baseball Lockers
Exterior - overall
Overall Aerial