CVG International Airport

Wayfinding & Graphics
CVG Graphics 07126 01 N21  - Project Description

MSA Design and Kolar Design joined together on the most recent renovation project at the CVG Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Based on the team’s original Vision package, Concourse A and the tunnel leading to/from Terminal 3 was designed with the modern, everyday traveler in mind. Themed around our River City, color-specific wallpaper graphics and regional photography is seen throughout the tunnel and Concourse A. The four main themes focus around the rivers and bridges, parks and hills, entertainment/arts and rural landscapes of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Colored wallpaper within each waiting area of the Concourse serves as a dual-wayfinding feature as well.

Updated wayfinding signage throughout Terminal 3, tunnel and Concourse A streamlines the message and produces a clean, easily-read system. Concourse A was designed for future expansion to bring in new airlines and so the gate signage was designed to accept magnetic strips, displaying the airline name, below the gate number in lieu of permanent airline branding.

CVG Graphics 07126 01 N32
CVG Graphics 07126 01 N19
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CVG Graphics 07126 01 N41
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