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The Empower Group was in need of a new and engaging space to house their growing agency.

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In the Heart of Over-the-Rhine

Empower, one of the largest independent media agencies in the United States, made the decision to relocate their Headquarters to the heart of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The energy and character of Over-the-Rhine very much parallels the culture of innovation at Empower. Known as The Marketer, the 64,000 square foot space incorporated the historic Hukon Building into the new design.

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The ground floor, acting as the “new base” of the building, was clad with terra cotta panels to tie into the rich brick history of OTR, and both the new base and the upper levels were arranged to create a proportion and rhythm that complimented the street context. At the corners of the base, the terra cotta was replaced with glazing to reduce the mass and to visually connect to the edges of the adjacent street and alleys.

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Encourage Collaboration

MSA Design’s team developed a space that would encourage collaboration and interaction, but still be rooted in the rich history of the area. The workspaces focused on an open collaborative, social place which encouraged chance meetings, firm wide gatherings and a strong interactive culture. The interior is open and organized to encourage movement on and around the communicating stair. The interior of the Hukon required a new structural frame to support the exterior walls and existing remains became a reminder of the storied past of OTR.

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