Collaborative Space
Empower 3rd Floor Collaborative Space - Project Description

After our initial design of Empower’s Cincinnati headquarters, the need for more collaborative spaces drove Empower to expand upwards to their third floor.

Empower 3rd 2
Empower 3rd 3

Inspired by Improv

Inspired by a trip to Second City in Chicago, they wanted the space to be reflective of the bold, irreverent and synergistic nature of improv. In a direct nod to the improv theme, the central meeting space is focused on a stage to encourage employees to “move from presentations to discussions” said Mitch Dunn, Senior Vice President of Creative Media for Empower.

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Empower 3rd 5

Thunderous Applause

The stage is flanked from behind by a free standing 29.0’ wall which provided the perfect canvas for a unique design solution. The wall is wrapped on three sides by quotes from 7 prominent figures in the improv world. A spot gloss technique was utilized so that the typography would not detract from the employees on stage but would pop when viewed at certain angles. The focal point of the wall is located on the side of the wall opposite the stage and features the name of the space, Thunderous Applause. As a marquee would direct you to the theater, the yellow glow of the neon was designed to welcome and lead you into the space. Additionally, the Applause sign and On Air sign located outside of the podcast studio were custom designed to have a vintage look and feel.

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