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at Great American Ball Park
Champions Club N20 - Project Description

MSA Sport worked with the Reds in 2008 to develop a master plan for Great American Ball Park.

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Master Plan in Motion

The primary goal of the master plan was to study the entire facility and develop a plan to revitalize under performing amenities. During this process the 4192 club was identified as an area that even though performing fairly well as originally programmed, had an immediate need to be re-vitalized due to the upcoming renewal of season tickets and the need for a large open area to utilize for larger group events such as lectures, receptions, small conventions, and parties. The existing space was completely gutted, re-designed, and branded as the Champion’s Club. The space was themed with a focus on the five World Series championship teams. Required amenities included a sports bar (bars, televisions, graphics, etc.), with the feel of a hip lounge. Using materials such as glass, metal, terrazzo, and special attention to lighting, MSA developed a modern design with a thoughtful, sophisticated approach to the integration of the Red’s branding and theme. As part of the renovation, an exterior bar and platforms for group seating where added to the outside in an area where under-performing seating existed.

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