Laurel Oaks

Career Campus Graphics
Wrap Wall Corridor

To promote lifelong learning, the goal of the Great Oaks Institute was to transform the traditional ‘corridor and classroom’ layout of the Laurel Oaks Career Campus into a connected community-focused center of learning.


Homage to it's Past Life

When collaborating with the architectural and interior design groups, the experiential graphics team dedicated their efforts on creating elements that highlight student growth and curiosity, while pulling inspiration from the site of the campus. The graphic installations pay homage to Laurel Oaks’ “past life” as an aviation site with cloud motifs and flight pattern lines. Playful angled structural elements, derived from airplane wing strut designs, support custom perforated panels overhead, created using wind maps of the area.

Partners in Edu

Partnerships and Alumni Signage

Additionally, many elements designed showcase partnerships and alumni that inspire students’ future aspirations. An interactive display shows distinguished Great Oaks alumni and their experiences that rotate with mirrored surfaces, with the implied message that the students are capable of such greatness.

Partners Close Up
Distinguished Alumni
Laurel Oaks - Glass Graphics Art
Glass Graphics B

Color, Pattern, and Photography

Fusing saturated colors, intricate patterning, and narrow focused photography creates sophisticated but exciting features throughout the corridors leading to the high bays for the professional practice programs. As this space is used by both high-school age students and adult learners, it was essential to create a look that is engaging and energizing without coming across as juvenile.

Corridor High Bay - Green
Corridor High Bay - Green Close Up
High Bay Blue Close Up
Corridor High Bay - Blue