Metro Northside Transit Center

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Located in the historic Northside community, the Northside Transit Center transforms a once neglected and underutilized urban site into a vibrant urban park that services multiple modes of transportation. As one of the busiest transit hubs in the City, the center serves thousands of people a day and acts as a gateway to the community and region beyond.

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Metro Northside Transit Center

The project not only aims to improve the overall rider experience, it also serves as a catalyst for change that will help spur further community development and economic growth in the neighborhood. The layout for the transit center was derived from the need to accommodate nine bus platforms as well as the need to reconnect to the surrounding urban fabric. Structures and elements were strategically placed to optimize flow and ensure a high level of visibility.

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Metro Northside Transit Center

The unique design reflects the eclectic and diverse culture of the Northside community. Raw galvanized steel structures with stainless steel roof elements provide a place for riders to wait along the transit center. Cast-concrete forms support benches and glass panels that define waiting areas and provide places to pause and rest. Angled forms respond to the movement patterns on the site. Raised landscape planters provide much needed relief from the hard, urban environment and further enhance the park-like feel of the transit center. They also serve as a barrier between pass-through pedestrian pathways and bus loading platforms. Community art and branded graphics are woven throughout the entire site, celebrating the storied history of Northside and firmly rooting the transit center in the neighborhood.

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