Metro Uptown Transit District

Wayfinding, Signage & Graphics
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Metro hired MSA Design to develop a strategic public transportation master plan, and design enhanced transit stops for the Uptown Transit District.

Home to over 50,000 residents and 34,000 UC students, Uptown has been facing rapid growth and increased traffic congestion. The $6.9 million project is being almost fully funded by federal grants and will greatly improve traffic flow, enhance the surrounding communities, and expand Metro services.

Custom branded mini hubs are strategically located throughout Uptown to best serve ridership of the highly diverse Uptown population and future multi-modal transportation needs.

Their location and arrangement create a highly visible and identifiable transit district within Uptown, reinforcing the Metro brand. The hubs include custom shelters highlighting neighborhood icons, new plazas, vertical pylons for pedestrian and vehicular identification, stop markers, and kiosks featuring routes and neighborhood information. Two locations incorporate Ticketing Vending Machine (TVM) technology for convenient bus pass purchases. The design team met with representatives from the University of Cincinnati,Uptown Consortium, Cincinnati DOTE, and area hospitals to build support and develop partnerships.

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