Miami University

Equestrian Arena
MU Equestrian Project Description

Miami’s equestrian program has been growing, and to accommodate and elevate their event capabilities and practice time the University sought to develop a new, indoor equestrian arena for English and Western competition on the site of their existing equestrian complex.

The University requested a venue that complimented the recently constructed stable development on the site, with a new, flexible indoor venue that would look cohesive within the strong campus aesthetic of Miami at a prominent gateway site into the main Oxford campus.


Creating Space to Compete

The new indoor arena will allow the equestrian program to have competitive and practice events year-round with no adverse impact of weather, and therefore allow the competitive equestrian team to perform at the highest level.

MU Equestrian Interior Straight On

Looking Back While Moving Forward

Miami University is known for having a strong, traditional Georgian architectural aesthetic on their main campus in Oxford. The design team worked within this aesthetic for this prominently located site into the university that would depart from the standard Miami Georgian masonry building.