P&G MLB Cincinnati Reds Youth Academy

Urban Youth N37 - Project Description

This project is the renovation and enhancement of an existing urban park to provide state-of-the- art accommodations for the current needs of Cincinnati’s community of young baseball players while facilitating the growth and participation among future generations.

Urban Youth N189

Results of the Renovation

The project includes the construction of a 32,000 sf indoor facility which will house a baseball diamond infield, batting tunnels, mezzanine overlook, classrooms, locker rooms and administrative area. Aesthetics of this building will reference the current spring training facility of the Cincinnati Reds in Goodyear, Arizona. Also planned is the renovation of the existing baseball/softball fields. All four fields will receive minor earthwork, surface improvements and field perimeter upgrades. In addition, a ‘Show Field’ will be developed to include stadium seating as a central showcase piece for the overall facility.

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