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Great Oaks has partnered with Tri Rivers Career Center and 8 other Career Centers to expand and continue the vision of RAMTEC (Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing Technology Education Collaborative) to prepare high school and adult students with advanced manufacturing and engineering skills in the southwest corner of Ohio.

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Accommodating for the Change of Technology

Aesthetically, the design of the RAMTEC facility was developed to portray the highly technical nature of the program, bringing an increased level of excitement and investment to convey the level of commitment to Cincinnati’s employers and workforce. The lab and classroom spaces are technologically functional and flexible to accommodate the changing technology in the R&D, prototype & manufacturing industry. The facility is structured to accommodate multiple training sessions concurrently and is anticipated to be expanded as the demand for training and types of training increases.

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From Beginner to Advanced

With the extensive number of manufacturing opportunities in the Greater Cincinnati area, this program will target both students new to the knowledge based technology, as well as providing advancement and certifications for the existing workforce. The design of the RAMTEC facility expresses the highly technical and advanced technology of today’s robotics, CNC and welding skills by incorporating materials fabricated utilizing those processes.

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