St. Luke the Evangelist Church

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After detailed site analysis and schematic design, MSA Design developed five alternatives for St. Luke’s overall master plan, which includes expansions and renovations of the sanctuary and site.

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Results of the Renovation

The alternatives were analyzed for the ability to meet user needs, as well as for cost and future development of the site and buildings. St. Luke selected the plan that includes a new 1200-seat main Sanctuary with Eucharistic and Reconciliation Chapels, gathering areas, administrative offices, choir rooms, and two new main entrances to the Church. The existing sanctuary renovations include re-use for a day chapel, meeting and classroom spaces, staff offices, a library, and a multi-purpose room with a kitchen. The restrictions of the existing site required the design to have a strong sense of order paying special attention to pedestrian circulation. A central axis, developed as a pedestrian mall, organizes and connects the site.

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