What is it about a cup of coffee that makes us feel good? Or should I say. . . .A latte, a cappuccino, or more likely: a triple shot, venti, pumpkin spice, soy, foamy cappuccino. Is it about the coffee? Is it about spending time savoring the creative flavors?

What happened to a cup of Joe?

And we spend $5.00 for that cup, vs. the buck and a quarter Styrofoam gas station variety. Coffee has become an art form. Something to be valued and appreciated. Complex espresso machines quickly convert an idea into an experience.
When the idea of spending all that money for a single cup of coffee became a thing, many of us said, “I would never spend that much for coffee”. And certainly there are a few among us who still balk at the idea.

Think of architecture as that cup of coffee. Most of us are not satisfied with the same old design. We want more. We want special places that cause us to feel something, something unique. We may be willing to even spend a few more dollars to get what we want, not just what has always been done. We are looking for that designer who can take our ideas and create that special place. We are looking for that designer who can transform our ideas into reality.

MSA is that designer. MSA takes ideas and create visions. Real visions that are clear and exciting and we have the ability to implement that vision. MSA is relentless about our work. MSA isn’t satisfied until the right project is completed.

We love our decaf, venti, soy cappuccinos as much as anyone, and we love good design.