Factory 52


The raw, industrial heritage of the original buildings and site is celebrated in the new buildings and architecture, through a combination of form and materiality.

MSA Design is working with PLK Communities as lead Architect and designer on the redevelopment of a 26 acre brownfield redevelopment in the City of Norwood, a Mid-town community in the heart of Greater Cincinnati. The site was the historic and original home of the United States Playing Card Company – an iconic designer and producer of playing cards, including the Bicycle Brand. After the company relocated to an alternate site in Greater Cincinnati, PLK salvaged the decaying complex and preserved four of the most iconic and beloved structures – the Clock Tower, Factory Building, Employee Dining Hall, and Power Plant Smoke Stack.

PC Overview

For the City of Norwood

The Clock Tower is serving as an anchor attraction and is flanking a new “Central Green” which will serve as a Town Center for Norwood, a 19th century independent city surrounded by the City of Cincinnati. New residential buildings, retail, and future mixed use and office are also planned for the site. The original Employee Dining Hall is being redeveloped and expanded as a “Food Innovation Hub” and will have a mix of unique food vendors, chefs, and restaurateurs.

Lawn A
Aerial B

The Design Strategy

The community amenities and streetscape are a deference to the heritage of the stie, and provide a variety of activities and spaces to gather as a community including a large central “hearth” in the Central Green, areas for performances, outdoor plaza-based splash pad for family summer activities, a new dog park, and a variety of places for food and drink to be served at special events.