Goose & Elder


Our design team worked to incorporate a mix of simple yet nostalgic elements into the space to bring this space to life.

Owner, Jose Salazar, described the aesthetic he was looking for as “mid-century granny”, a comfortable space that is casual and inviting while simple. Vintage floral wallcoverings in the space bring a comforting nostalgic touch, while wood floors throughout keep the space warm and inviting. Mid-century inspired lighting throughout the bar and dining area add interest to the space while maintaining a casual atmosphere.

interior dining overall
yellow bench dining
hallway to bar

Bringing Separate Buildings Together

MSA worked to seamlessly connect 3 separate buildings into one cohesive space. The restaurant and outdoor dining area are across the street from Findlay market, while the bar is located down a connecting corridor off of Elder St with its own separate entrance which allows it to be open later into the evening.

corner dining
bathroom hallway
blue hallway