Police Department

MSA has worked with the City of Sharonville to determine the needs of the Police Department while incorporating modern design.


The Need for a New Facility

The City of Sharonville Police Department has been operating out of an outdated and undersized facility within its municipal building. MSA initially was engaged by the City to develop a feasibility study for a shared police and fire facility. Ultimately, a standalone police facility was envisioned and MSA subsequently worked with the police department to revise and update the programmatic requirements accordingly. Once a preliminary site was selected, MSA reviewed the site parameters and developed a conceptual test-fit plan in order to verify its suitability for the project, allowing the City to confidently acquire the property for its new police station.

Groundbreaking Img 1

The Final Result

The new facility will be highly efficient yet incorporate concepts of openness and flexibility to create a clean, modern, and forward-thinking civic design for the City.