The Guilford Building

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The renovation of the Guilford School Building on Fourth Street centered on creating corporate office space, conferencing facilities, and an employee fitness facility within this 1914 Italian Renaissance elementary school on the site of Fort Washington.

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Results of the Renovation

The school originally had 26 rooms, enough to accommodate 750 pupils, and was named for Nathan Guilford, a Yale graduate who helped secure the passage of legislation authorizing public schools in Ohio in the 1820’s and was appointed Cincinnati’s first superintendent of schools in 1850. MSA Architects’ renovation and expansion design kept the public areas on the lower floors and private office space on upper stories. A major portion of the renovation was on the exterior, including window replacement, terra cotta restoration, wrought iron site railing, and dramatic exterior lighting systems. The renovation also included major structural and mechanical system upgrades and two major building additions that were integrated into the building’s existing architecture.

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