University of Cincinnati

Calhoun Hall Renovation

Holistic Student-Life

The University of Cincinnati leadership has recognized the importance of a campus that holistically supports the needs of on-campus student residents and has identified the renovation of Calhoun Hall as a priority in the upgrade of its portfolio of residential facilities. The site is located on the south side of UC’s Uptown Campus creating an “edge condition” and the Calhoun/Siddall high-rise complex serves as a primary point of entry to the campus for pedestrian students.

Calhoun Exterior Left

Efficient Assembly

The façade is designed as a premanufactured custom megapanel assembly. Due to the tight site and expedited schedule the facade is manufactured off-site in a controlled environment. Panels are shipped to the site and set into place directly from a truck, eliminating the need for staging and minimizing work in the field. Also, as the panels are attached from inside the building, worker safety is increased and as soon as they are set no additional exterior work is needed and fall protection no longer required. In addition, the enclosure is complete and weather-tight as soon as the panels are installed and there are very few field joints to address in the overall façade creating a much tighter and efficient building envelope.

A Connected Campus

The design considers of all aspects of flow within the facility and across the site through connections between multiple levels of program space, enhancement of the gateway into campus from the south, and connections to adjacent buildings. In addition, the design includes an enclosed, elevated connector between Calhoun Hall and the adjacent Siddall Hall, allowing the two towers to function as a singular residential complex.

A new two-story addition connects entries from two stories and provides much-needed common space. The interior renovations include reconfiguration of student rooms to provide more effective core functions as well as expanding lounge space, study areas, and new meeting/classroom space. On the ground level, the addition allows for community building among the residents of both towers with shared laundry, lounges, and “kitchen” functions.