As we prepare to spend time with family and friends for the holidays, let’s remember that while the last few years have been trying for so many of us, we have found ways to push forward and make 2022 a year filled with more positivity, connection, and change. MSA has had a year of exciting growth and new challenges that have brought us perspective, joy, and knowledge – not just of our design disciplines, but of ourselves.

As individuals, our team of exceptional people have transformed, not only through professional successes (of which there were many), but in very meaningful ways. Many have added to their families, explored their passions, and expanded their horizons by exploring new parts of the world.

As a firm, we transformed our headquarters, grew our team, and continued to follow our mission. Our devotion to making our communities and our environment a better place for the future was, and will always be, our greatest focus in all that we do. We look forward to expanding on the growth we accomplished in the last year to build something even greater in 2023, even though we know 2022 is a tough year to beat!

We want you to share in our joy. Please enjoy our year-end video, created by our graphic design team. Happy Holidays and have an awesome New Year!

[Check out the full video of 2022 growth moments here]

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