Happy Holidays everyone!

If you know anything about MSA, it’s that we throw ourselves into celebrating two major events a year—the Cincinnati Red’s Opening Day and the Winter Holidays. Our Marketing and Graphic Design departments come together to create a special print piece to share with friends, family, clients, and connections. We take pride in our work, and we take any chance to thank those who have supported us along the way. This is an opportunity for us to connect with our community and express our gratitude in a creative and tangible way.


“Magic Moments” centers around the wonderful, joyous experiences we’ve had together this year - the “aha” moments of discovery, the anticipation of seeing a shared vision coming to life, and the surreal splendor of walking through a well-designed space. These inspired experiences and our work overall would not be possible without you. Bringing your ideas and stories to life is what we live for. All of us at MSA would like to express our sincere gratitude for entrusting us with your Magic Moments, one project at a time. You are the spark that fuels our journey, and we are grateful to be a part of your enchanted journey.


Our team is always excited for the challenge of creating engaging and interactive print design. Our objective for this year’s print piece was to create an inclusive seasonal advent calendar that would reveal graphics and text that were inspired by the people and projects from the year - each day of the month having its own special moment. The overall theme is visualized through clean lines and simple graphic elements, pulling inspiration from the celestial bodies in the winter night sky. Our friends at Otto Printing helped bring this piece to reality. Ebony parchment is paired with crisp white ink and timeless silver foil featuring elegant typography and illustrations. This piece was designed to evoke the season while emanating a sophisticated character.

mailer reveal 1
mailer reveal 2

Our strategy in all of our print pieces is to create a uniquely engaging experience, so introducing interactive elements into this piece was of utmost importance. The “magic mirrors” feature silver foil which can be scratched off with a coin to uncover special messages. Recipients will also find doors and windows to open, which reveal inspiration quotes and favorite memories from MSA leadership. The illustrated windows and doors were inspired by recent projects that our firm has worked on. Can you spot your project?

mailer reveal 3
mailer reveal 4

To further spread the magic, we created a special digital component that will reveal itself throughout the month of December. Be sure to check out our social media platforms so you don’t miss a moment of the magic.

But most importantly: we thank you and we hope you are enjoying this magical holiday season. Every single one of us at MSA appreciate all the special connections, friendships, and partnerships that made our year one filled with Magic Moments.

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