If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I love spending time with family. Every Thursday is time with my wife, Michele, where we share in a special tradition in the Schuster House… Popcorn Thursday!

Popcorn Thursday is when my wife, Michele, and I enjoy popcorn together. We don’t microwave the popcorn; Michele makes it in a stainless-steel pot on the stove, and it is always awesome. We have had this tradition for more years than I can remember. There is something nostalgic about eating a big bowl of buttery popcorn while watching a good story unfold on the television.

National Popcorn Day is on January 19th, and all of us at MSA want to celebrate with you! Here are a few reasons why:

  • We want to share our love of popcorn with you
  • We all deserve the opportunity to indulge a delightful snack during the winter season
  • It’s an opportunity to enjoy this holiday with colleagues, family, friends, and fur-babies

As we enter 2023, we start with a delicious bucket of popcorn to celebrate our achievements.

So, what does a “Popcorn Thursday” look like in the Schuster household?

For starters, we choose the type of popcorn. We always have a variety of Amish popcorn on hand, but our favorite is the purple kernel corn. The purple kernel is known to have the most flavor, is the right size when it’s popped, and has a crisp texture. The purple kernel corn gets it color from anthocyanins. which are mostly found in berries such as blackberries and elderberries. We then top the popcorn with white cheddar seasoning and butter. Sometimes, Michele will compliment her popcorn with a cocktail, specifically a cosmopolitan. Her perfected cosmopolitan is 1 part vodka, 1 part cranberry, and ½ part Cointreau liquor.

Next, we choose what to watch. Here is what we are currently watching, and why we enjoy these shows:

Replacement 01 - Shooter replacement 02 - 1883 and 1928 Replacement yellowstone 04 - Kim's Convenience 05 - Property Brothers 06 - Only Murders in the Building

Over the years, MSA has taken on this tradition by sending out popcorn tins to some of our clients, near and far. I continue to share this tradition and its origin year after year with hope to spread popcorn and joy. Michele and I work with the distributor of our favorite popcorn brand, Patty’s Old-Fashioned Popcorn, and we check the mailing list twice. The tradition started with our staff members diligently delivering popcorn to our clients on National Popcorn Day. However, as we have grown over the years, driving to Houston, Texas from Cincinnati, Ohio isn’t ideal (but not completely off the table).

So Happy Popcorn Day! We hope you adopt this holiday tradition as your own! Check out our Facebook Page to see what MSA Staff’s is watching this Popcorn Day.

For the love of Popcorn,

Michael Schuster