Oak Hills High School

Auditorium Renovation
Oak Hills Project Description

MSA developed options to renovate and/or replace the existing 600 seat auditorium at Oak Hills High School. The proposed renovation option included a complete interior finishes replacement, conversion of the existing storage mezzanine into a sound and light control balcony, orchestra pit renovation, and stage renovation including finishes, new rigging, new lighting, and sound system replacement. Adjacent areas to the existing auditorium were shown to be expanded into a new scene shop, storage areas, green room, and an adjacent courtyard was filled IN for a multipurpose “overflow” space to improve the pre-function capability of the auditorium. The auditorium was expanded to 700 seats.

MSA has completed over 100+ of small renovation and miscellaneous facilities/grade projects for the District over the past twenty (20) years and has provide full construction administration services for all the District’s projects.

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