Wilmington College Gateway Improvements

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Transforming the Gateway

MSA Design was selected as Wilmington College’s design partner for the conceptualization, development, and ultimate execution of a number of capital improvement projects across campus. Projects included the Campus Gateway & Signage, Hazard Arboretum Gateway & Signage, Occupational Therapy Suite, Health & Wellness Center, Center for Sports Sciences, Exercise Science Suite, Athletic Offices Renovation, Marble Hall Renovation, Village Renovation, Commons Renovation, and Austin/Pickett Renovation. Our Graphics Department took the opportunity to assist in this project by providing exceptional designs for the College’s signage and graphics. The gateway to the campus was majorly transformed with new signage to improve visibility and reflect their overall brand.

Although fronting on a major roadway, Wilmington College lacked a clear landmark entry to campus and a sense of arrival, creating confusion on the part of campus visitors. Our team worked with the College to develop a new campus entrance/gateway that clearly identifies the arrival to campus and reflects the historical stature of the College while embracing its present character and future direction. The gateway includes brand identity elements as well as a digital message sign. Complimentary sign, gateway and wayfinding elements were created to identify and enhance other campus buildings and features, including third-party tenants, while creating a unified aesthetic.

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Wilmington College Brick Sign
Arboretum Sign