To celebrate the kickoff of a new school year, we are highlighting the top 9 design trends in educational design!

  • NATURE INSPIRED: More and more, schools are looking to incorporate nature into their interior spaces. Biophilic design positively impacts our mood, energy levels & ability to focus. There are many ways to bring the outdoors in –natural light, organic colors, graphics & patterns, views outside, plants & even live green walls.
Indian Hill Primary
Laurel Oaks Reception
UA 2nd Floor Lobby
  • EMBRACE INDUSTRIAL FINISHES: Many schools are avoiding expensive terrazzo and stone and embracing the look of industrial concrete floors & exposed ceilings. Not only can these strategies save cost, but they also tend to be more sustainable and give a modern, innovative, & open feel to learning environments.
Laurel Corridor
HUB Study Balcony
  • ACOUSTICS: With more open spaces and active learning, controlling noise levels and sound transfer is more critical than ever. These days, acoustics are being addressed in new & creative ways. Through acoustic clouds, wall panels, sound absorptive paint, sound masking systems, soft seating & carpet there are many acoustic solutions that can be subtle or a celebrated design feature.
UA Acoustic
Render Acoustic
IH Primary Reception
  • HEALTH & WELLBEING: Emphasis is being put on the mental, emotional, & physical wellbeing of staff & students. We’re seeing more spaces being incorporated throughout academic facilities to support exercise, healthy eating, mental health resources, & safe materials that are easy to clean & do not contain dangerous chemicals.
XU HUB Column
XU HUB Weights
Madeira Dining
  • PLANET FRIENDLY: Whether or not a school seeks green building certification or just wants to be more environmentally friendly, we strive to incorporate sustainable materials & reduce water & energy use. Often these strategies pay off in the long run and are better for the planet and the community.
Solar Panel
  • SAFE & SECURE: Safety & security are a major priority in the layout & design of academic spaces. Access control, visibility & security systems are seamlessly integrated to make staff, students & parents feel safe & comfortable.
Mariemont High School Atrium
XU HUB Rec Entry
  • SUPPORT ACTIVE & ENGAGING LEARNING: Educators are requesting learning spaces with variety & flexibility. These empower students with choice, enables easy reconfiguration, & supports different postures, activities & learning styles. Outdoor learning spaces, monumental stairs & other shared collaboration spaces outside of the classroom are also increasingly being considered to get students up and moving, build community & encourage cross-disciplinary learning.
MHS Learning Commons
IH Middle Village Green
  • TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION: Many schools are renovating libraries to better serve students & educators. Some are creating dedicated Innovation Labs and others are renovating their library to incorporate media center functions & innovation resources. These spaces often incorporate robotics equipment, 3D printers, virtual reality tools, & other new & innovative technology to advance STEAM learning. Technology solutions are also being implemented throughout classroom to support hybrid learning & easy screen sharing.
Madeira ES Library
Madeira Art
  • FUN & INVITING DESTINATION: Fun & inviting academic spaces get students excited about learning. Dynamic design elements, such as playful graphics, fun colors, warm wood features, unique lighting, & soft seating, make school a destination student look forward to attending.
Madeira HS Commons
UC Football Video Wall