Cincinnati and Hamilton County

Public Library Signage Replacement
Madeira Branch

The Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library contacted MSA Design to evaluate and rethink their existing signage design at all branches to reflect their recently revised brand standards. Many of the branch locations had signage installed 20+ years prior, and needed updates from cosmetic, energy efficiency, and brand alignment perspectives.

Madeira Branch Sign - portrait

Design and Execution

Our team performed an in-depth evaluation of all 41 branch locations and provided a comprehensive analysis to the client citing all visibility, legibility, material condition, energy sourcing, and wayfinding issues present in the existing signage elements, along with recommendations for implementation in the future.

The second phase focused on design of new signage standards and execution throughout the library system. An overarching challenge was that the existing signage structure had to be maintained, as there was a limited timeline. The MSA team developed a flexible system, that was essentially a “reskin”, keeping budgets and zoning time at a minimum. The colors of each sign were representative of the distance from the Main Branch in downtown Cincinnati. Each sign has a unique combination of color and illustration, making every sign as original as the neighborhood it serves.

Map - Color Key
Main Branch Sign
Close Up - Anderson Branch
Delhi Sign
Anderson Branch - blue
Fab Art - All Sign Colors